<b>Completion of Nickel II Mission </b>

<b>What is Third Army's Role in Nickel II' </b>

Third Army is the logistical center of gravity in the CENTCOM area of responsibility carrying out the requirements for Operation Nickel II. Operation Nickel II includes responsible draw down from Iraq by August 31 and the buildup of forces in Afghanistan. This complex operation of moving personnel, equipment and supplies through a multitude of countries and challenging terrains was completed in conjunction with many organizations to set the standard in meeting the requirements for the largest logistical operation since World War II.

<b>What has Third Army done as part of Nickel II' </b>

Third Army, as a linchpin pivotal, organization has successfully supported the movement of forces in and out of theater. Meeting requirements for the responsible drawdown for Operation Iraqi Freedom as of August 31, 2010, Third Army has moved:
-Over 95,000 U.S. Forces (146 Brigades equivalent deployed/redeployed)
-Over 44,000 containers and 24,500 vehicles to retrograde facilities.
-Over 52 percent of the ammunition stock and more than 1M items such as vehicles and other supplies

For the buildup in Afghanistan, Third Army successfully set the theater by expanding the capability of three distribution hubs --Kandahar-Bagram-Mazar E Sharif to move over:
-30,000 additional U.S. Forces
-5,100 MRAP vehicles in place and ready for issue to the units before they arrived
-Thousands of truckloads of supplies and equipment

As of 31 August implemented cost savings, through redistribution, included:
- $1.12B worth of equipment that we would have purchased for operations in Afghanistan.
- 50 percent of rolling stock in support of the Afghan Build Up came from Iraq to support incoming warfighters.

<b>What continued efforts does Third Army have planned for Nickel II' </b>

Third Army will continue to conduct operations to set the theater, support the mission in Afghanistan and Operation New Dawn in Iraq. Third Army team of servicemembers, civilians, and contractors will continue to meet complex challenges by anticipating issues and will be counted on by U.S. Forces to meet the mission.

<b>Why is Third Army's role important to the Army' </b>

Third Army maintains stability by providing sustainment to U.S. and Coalition Forces throughout U.S. Central Command's area of responsibility. By synchronizing with our partners, Third Army anticipates the efficient utilization of transportation methods by air, land, and sea to cost effectively and timely deliver resources where and when they are needed.

<b>Resources: </b>

<a href="http://www.arcent.army.mil/" target="_blank">Third Army/U.S. Army Forces Central Command</a>

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