BRUSSELS, Belgium - Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Phillips, the Deputy Commanding General (Rear) of the 3rd Infantry Division attended the opening of the exhibit "Belgians Can Do Too! 1950-1955," at the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History in Brussels, Belgium on Oct. 3 and presented a gift to the museum.

The exhibition honors the 700-man Belgian-Luxembourg Battalion that fought in the Korean War and remained in Korea until June 15, 1955. More than 3,000 Belgian and Luxembourg Soldiers fought in the war alongside 150 South Korean Soldiers as part of the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division and the First Cavalry Division.

South Korean president Lee, Myung-bak was the featured speaker and opened the exhibit with Belgian Crown Prince Philippe.

Following the official opening, Phillips presented a Korean War era steel helmet to the director general of the museum Dominique Hanson.

"Today we gave decorations to the individual Soldiers who decided to serve their nation and serve something bigger and by so doing brought freedom to South Korea and helped ensure the continuing freedom of their own land, Phillips said.

Turning to the Belgium-Luxembourg Battalion veterans in attendance Phillips said he was presenting a gift on behalf of the American people for what the veterans did 60 years ago.

"On behalf of Maj. Gen. (Anthony) Cucolo of the 3rd Infantry Division, Rock of the Marne, and on behalf of the American people, we are presenting to this museum an item of equipment of the individual Soldier--a Korean War era helmet many of you will find familiar, with the also very-familiar Rock of the Marne patch painted on it," Phillips said.

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