FORT BRAGG, N.C. - Did you know that the Month of October is Energy Awareness Month' Each year the Department Of Energy and Federal Energy Management Program encourage federal facilities to celebrate by hosting awareness campaigns for Energy Awareness Month and this year's theme is "Powering America We're on Target!"

The theme depicts how federal agencies continue to zero in on energy targets to stimulate the economy, lower operating expenses, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve long-term energy and economic security. Fort Bragg will host events at Family housing and retail centers and contests in the schools and for any personnel working or living here. Here are some important facts and tips to conserve energy.

Some people think that keeping fluorescent light on is cheaper and consumes less energy than switching them on and off, because to restart these lights uses considerable electricity.

Restarting these lights requires some additional energy, but only very little. If you're going to be out of the room for more than a couple minutes, then you should switch them off.

Energy-efficient lights are cheaper to run because they mainly make light rather than heat. Seventy-five to 90 percent of the energy used by a traditional bulb is wasted in producing heat.

Heating, cooling and ventilation account for nearly 70 percent of the energy costs on Fort Bragg. To maximize resources and implement best management practices, you should make sure the temperature is correct for the space you are in.

Make sure your air filters are changed monthly and make sure you are not blocking any intake vents or distribution ducts to insure the proper air flow throughout the building. This will prolong the life of air handling equipment and make the space more comfortable for the occupants.

When washing clothes, wait until you have a full load to run the wash. Use a lower temperature wash for clothes that aren't very dirty and use the economy program if it's available.

ENERGYSTAR washing machines use about one third the energy of older models.

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