Leon Moreau
From the mid-1990s to present, Leon Moreau has led a $20 million investment program that improved or created new customer-driven programs and services for the Picatinny community.

PICATINNY ARSENAL, N.J. - The Picatinny community bade farewell Oct. 1 to a longtime employee and local resident who has spent decades bringing smiles to Soldiers, families, and the Morris County community.

Leon J. Moreau III, director of Picatinny's Family Morale, Welfare and Recreation (FMWR) program, retired from his civilian career with the U.S. Army after 36 years of federal service at Picatinny.

At his retirement ceremony Friday, Moreau was presented the Order of the White Plume, the Army's highest level of achievement in support of Army FMWR.

"Winners of the White Plume represent true service to the Soldier, the Army and the nation. This is a testament to what Lee has done for the Army," said Lt. Col. Herb Koehler, Picatinny garrison commander.

As an active member of Picatinny's Army Community Covenant efforts, Moreau has built lasting relationships over the years with residents, business leaders and other government organizations in the greater Morris County area.

In fact, Moreau was part of the most recent <a href="http://www.army.mil/-news/2010/09/23/45669-in-support-of-our-service-members-morris-county-vows-to-commit/index.html">Community Covenant signing with the Morris County Chamber of Commerce</a> Sept. 13, which received more than 70 signatures. This is quite an increase from the three signatures Moreau recalled on Picatinny's first Community Covenant in 2007.

Many know him as a Picatinny local or "townie" as he calls himself, as he and his family are active in Morris County communities in addition to their service at the arsenal.

"My whole adult life has been spent at Picatinny," he said. "I'm not one of the folks who move up and around. Picatinny is my home, there's no doubt about it."

As the lead civilian for Picatinny's FMWR program, Moreau has seen Picatinny's Frog Falls Aquatic Park go from an idea to a reality, though the partnership with Rockaway Township who helped fund the pool's construction. Now in its eleventh year of operation, Frog Falls continues to be one of the best water parks in New Jersey.

From the mid-1990s to present, he has led a $20 million investment program that improved or created new customer-driven programs and services for the Picatinny community.
He was a driving leader behind multiple FMWR construction and renovation projects at Picatinny, including the Forge Fitness Center, the golf course, child care facilities, the outdoor recreation center and several restaurants on post.

Moreau has also led the FMWR team to put together annual community events, such as the Haunted House that draws thousands of visitors every October, Spaghetti with Santa, and Armed Forces Day, to name just a few.

"Lee is a truly dynamic individual and is a favorite among co-workers and family for his genuine, insightful and friendly disposition," said his son Leon IV, who also works at the arsenal. "What's most impressive is that even away from Picatinny, Lee constantly seeks opportunities to strengthen support for Picatinny Arsenal and our military. To simply say that he is 'dedicated' is a gross understatement. Lee truly embodies the Picatinny spirit. He is no different when it comes to his family."

Moreau is uncertain of his specific plans for retirement, but he is sure of one thing - he will continue to be involved in some sort of community effort.

"I'm not quitting, I'm not going to go chase butterflies, I don't exactly know what it is I'm gonna do, but it will be community-based, because I'm a townie, and it will be very closely related to Picatinny somehow, and the Morris County community."

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