ATLANTA - "What we are doing is good," said Lt. Gen Thomas G. Miller, First Army Commanding General, as he spoke to First Army leaders during his annual commander's conference held here September 28-30.

"Training is a constantly growing process and we learn something new from each unit that mobilizes and trains with us. As long as we continue to adjust the picture as it changes and do what is right, continuing to shift and move with all the variables our training machine will stay on track," said Miller.

First Army is responsible for the mobilization, training and deployment of continental United States based National Guard and Army Reserve forces as required by combatant commanders for operations all over the world.

One significant discussion Miller addressed was First Army's training mission now and in the next several years to come and the potential impact with the expected decrease in reserve component forces required for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Due to the fact that Multi-national forces are providing the training expertise to Iraqi and Afghan Armies and Security forces, Miller feels that First Army may be in a favorable position to assist with these training efforts.

"That's our job. No one else does what we do. We know more about training modular organizations than anyone, so the future for First Army could be expanding," said Miller.

In conjunction with the commander's conference, First Army Family Delegates also gathered for the First Army Leadership Conference, chaired by Mrs. Mary Miller, the wife of Lt. Gen. Thomas G. Miller.

Throughout the two-day event, the delegates discussed several topics which affect both active, guard and reserve Soldiers and Families within the First Army command and the resources available to help them.

Col. Roger Cotton, the First Army Division East G-1, Director of Personnel, presented information about the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program, which incorporates the various elements of physical stamina and strength, emotional stability, spiritual strength, social awareness and family dynamics.

Attending from the Fort Hood Resiliency Campus, Fort Hood, Texas, was Dr. Heidi Freeman. She presented many informational items to the group on how the Army Center for Enhanced Performance is now incorporating resiliency training for Soldiers and their Families.


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