ROCK ISLAND, Ill.-Servicemembers, along with their civilian counterparts, highlighted their collective efforts by taking time to reinforce the "one team" mentality.

Active duty and Reserve Army, Marine Reserves, Navy, and civilians of Rock Island Arsenal gathered in the pre-dawn darkness at the Arsenal sports complex to play a few games, Oct. 1.

The men and women played several games of soccer, Frisbee football, and kickball with a military twist.

For instance, every time a runner scored in kickball, the defending team was penalized with extra repetitions of various exercises. Alternately, if the team "at bat" fouled or made an error, they were penalized. With Army Sustainment Command's Command Sgt. Maj. Stephen D. Blake providing his critical refereeing eye, both teams managed quite a workout.

For the Frisbee footballers, extra concentration, situational awareness, and fancy footwork were necessary with the many players and Frisbees in play at any given time. Players scrambled for position and dodged each other in their attempts to snag the Frisbee.

With two soccer balls being bashed about, and so many players that both goals were defended by no less than two players, Marines and Soldiers battled it out for soccer field supremacy during several heated soccer games.

The sports games were organized by ASC Commanding General, Maj. Gen. Yves J. Fontaine.

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