Starting Oct. 1, 2010, most Fort Campbell Families who use the child development centers can expect a change in their child care fees.

In accordance with a new Army-wide plan to standardize child care costs world-wide, Fort Campbell will implement a reorganized system designed to make fees based on total Family income. This means for some Families the fees will increase, while it drops or stays the same for others.

The new scale has nine levels compared to six on the old one, with incomes ranging from nothing to $29,400 in the lowest category to $125,000 and over in the top category. The new cost is from $210 to $540 for a month of full day pre-kindergarten care, and $62 to $146 for a month of part day pre-K care, depending on income.

Off post child care averages $457 per month in Kentucky and $544 per month in Tennessee.

"The Department of Defense granted the Army a two to three year phase in period for all installations to become in compliance with the new DoD fees," explained Katy Eccles, Fort Campbell Child, Youth and School Services director.

Fort Campbell will change fees over time to come in compliance with the standardized fees.

Family child care has not yet been evaluated, so it will not be affected by the new scale until later in the year.

Family Child care is an alternative to the CDCs where a qualified child care provider operates a day care facility out of their home.

According to Eccles, Fort Campbell has done a full audit of both full time and part time patrons of the CDCs to determine where patrons fall in the new scale.

Fees are based on total Family income, meaning both parents incomes are taken into account when determining where a Family falls on the scale.

All CYSS child care is subject to the new total Family income categories, however they will continue to have the 10-15 percent discount for the second child enrolled in their programs and the 20 percent reduction for children of deployed parents.

"One big difference is nine or 10 month fees and summer weekly fees for school age children," Eccles said. "Patrons in the past could choose 12-month fees and they knew what to budget."

In the past parents of school age children could opt for a 12-month payment plan with a set monthly amount. Under the new program, however, the Department of Defense is only offering school age care during the school year. During the summer, parents will have to pay weekly fees for all day care.

Seasonal Youth sports are not subject to the total Family income categories, nor are SKIES Unlimited programs or the hourly care. As well, Families will continue to receive a $300 credit per child of deployed parents.

Eccles added that under the new program, a two week vacation credit for full or part day child care is built into the fees.

Also, there will be a new parent participation program that gives Families the opportunity to earn a 10 percent fee reduction. Interested parents should speak with the director of their child's CDC to determine what they can do and how many hours a week they need to contribute. Eccles said the participation could be anything from washing windows to reading to children to printing up a newsletter at their own homes.

Families affected by the changes should have been contacted by CYSS at the beginning of September. For more information call (270) 798-9674 or visit

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