SPIN BOLDAK, Afghanistan - The Afghan National Police stood ready and vigilant as they posted guard outside the gates of the new ANP station during a ribbon cutting ceremony signifying its opening in Spin Boldak Sept. 21.

The ANP is the primary national police force in Afghanistan and it serves as a single law enforcement agency all across the country.

Cooperation of the people is vital, and working with the security forces as witnessed for the elections, will help the ANP enforce the law and do what is expected of the Afghan forces in Spin Boldak.

"A government without the support of its people is nothing," said District Governor Abdul Ghani, guest speaker at the ANP opening.

Trusting in the ANP and the government will help secure a safe community for Spin Boldak and its surrounding provinces, Ghani said.

The ANP is under development and being trained by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Afghanistan.

"The entire world is focused on our police officers being well-trained," said Brig. Gen. Mirwais Khan Noorzai, deputy commander of the 404th Maiwand ANP zone.

Maiwand is a village in Afghanistan, and the center of Maiwand district located northwest of Kandahar.

The ANP have the opportunity to attend special programs offered in Turkey and India to expound on the skills that have already been learned, as well as to develop their computer abilities.

Gen. Noorzai said this is a great opportunity for the ANP and a chance to help continue the improvements in the community of Spin Boldak.

The International Security Forces Afghanistan is doing a great job in training the ANP, and more villages are expressing their willingness to work with the government. The Afghan security forces are gaining the trust of the people, which makes future success possible said Lt. Col. Andrew Green, 4th Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, commander.

"In the American Army, we like to say that we reinforce success," Green said. "This new police headquarters is ready to be reinforced."

He said coalition forces have been working with its Afghan National Security Forces, and together have made Spin Boldak one of the safest districts in southern Afghanistan.

The new police headquarters is ready to take on greater responsibilities and assume its role of securing the people of Spin Boldak and every town and village, Green added.

He also said the ANP have shown professionalism, hard work and dedication while under the leadership of Sultan Mohammad, chief of the ANP.

"Today begins a new day for the Afghan national Police in Spin Boldak District. The facility is a symbol of the level of professionalism and capabilities of the Spin Boldak ANP," said Green.

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