BAGHDAD - A total of 40 students graduated from the Baghdad River Patrol Training Center here Sept. 21.

The graduation ceremony marked the course completion of two separate classes - 12 students concluded the 12-week Dive Search and Rescue course, and 28 students (including seven Kurdish students) concluded the six-week Waterborne Operations coure.

The BRPTC began training classes in 2007, and was not officially recognized by Iraq's Ministry of Interior until 2009. In the past three years the center has turned out nearly 30 outboard engine repair specialists; 70 dive search and rescue specialists and 235 waterborne operations personnel.

Courses of instruction offered at the BPRTC include Dive Search and Rescue, Waterborne Operations and Outboard Engine Repair. Students, according to their area of concentration, also learn basic to intermediate skills in first aid, navigation, diver theory, and engine repair and maintenance.

"The first job of the police is to protect the people and their property," said Baghdad River Patrol Training Officer 1st. Lt. Laith Mouad. "We prepare police to work for the good of the Iraqi people."

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