SIAD holds change of command ceremony
Lt. Col Lee H. Schiller, Jr., left, receives the depot colors from Maj. Gen. William M. Lenaers, TACOM-LCMC Commanding General, during the change of command ceremony at Sierra Army Depot on July 26, 2007.

Employees and invited guests once again witnessed the transformation of leadership during the 36th change of command ceremony for Sierra Army Depot.

Lt. Col. Brian D. Butler, after commanding the installation for two years relinquished his responsibilities and authority for the depot to Lt. Col. Lee H. Schiller, Jr., during the 35 minute ceremony.

Maj. Gen. William M. Lenaers, Commanding General, TACOM-Life Cycle Management Command was the host official for the ceremony. Lenaers addressed a crowd of approximately 300 during this time. He said, "The change of command is about continuity. The change of command is about honoring the outgoing commander and it is also a time to recognize the entire organization. It is not about the 36,000 acres, or the 1, 200 structures, or the improved runway; its about the 600 plus employees that make up Sierra Army Depot."

Lenaers continued to say, "Just like our Army units, The Army is made up of people, Sierra Army Depot is made up of people. And it is those people that drive this organization. There is no organization within TACOM, and I'll say there is no organization within the Army Materiel Command that has changed more over these last couple of years than Sierra Army Depot." He praised the first line supervisors down on the shop floors for actually making these changes happen.

During his final channel of communication with the employees of Sierra Army Depot, Butler started out by saying it was a honor to have members from the 11th Artillery Cavalry Regiment Mounted Color Guard from Ft. Irwin, Calif. Butler said, "As an old Cav guy myself, I cannot think of better company than to help me pass the depot's colors."

Butler stated that when he assumed command instead of going out and looking for new work, we need to look at what we do well now. Analyze the process behind the missions and develop milestones for improvements. He went on to say there were risks with this type of thinking, but in the end it has been successful. The trailer reset program, along with the Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Units reset program and the long term storage are programs that will entrench the depot for years to come.

Another area that changed significantly during Butler's command is the AJ1 Operations. Butler said, "The transformation within the AJ1 Reverse Pipeline operation from a manual, stubby pencil retail supply point, to a major redistribution hub of supplies and equipment for our Army, capable of shipping critical items for our warfighter within 12 hours of receipt of the request.. As your commander I am extremely proud of you. As a soldier in the field waiting for critical items, I'm extremely grateful." He continued to say there is still alot more work on depot that needs to be done, but the depot is on the right path.

Schiller began his speech by saying that in the first few days here at the depot, he was impressed by the dedication and pride of the workforce. Schiller said, "I am convinced they are truly committed to being the best of the best and will continue to display professionalism and teamwork in completing the mission." He ended his speech by echoing a quote from the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Colin Powell, "If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude."

The depot also had the pleasure of having the 40thArmy Band(M) Detachment 1 from Sacramento playing they ceremonial songs.

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