Thirty-three Regional Guard Brigade Soldiers graduated from the Iraq Army Engineer School at Camp Taji Sept. 15.

As part of an introduction to the Iraqi Army, the Peshmerga officers and enlisted soldiers became familiar with current tactics, techniques and procedures being used by Iraqi Army engineers.

The 30-day course covered the most high-profile aspects of combat engineering, including route clearance and mine identification and detection.

Students learned and conducted practical exercises on mounted and dismounted route clearance, mine-detecting robots and the capabilities of the Badger, an Iraqi Light Armored Vehicle.

"Our knowledge of engineering has grown tremendously through this training," said 1st Lt. Dlshad Abrahem Siboa Dlshad, an Army engineer, from Arbil. "We have increased our ability to properly sustain others with the training we've conducted in the past 30 days here."

A number of these graduates will likely return to the Engineer School at a later date to continue training in specialized engineering tasks.

"I am excited about the possibility of them coming back in the future for training," said 1st Lt. Raad Abd Durga, a member of the IAES cadre. "We have made some new friends."

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