FORSCOM colonels save lives
Two U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) officers, surgeon Col. Brian Lein (left) and FORSCOM inspector general Col. David Abramowitz, worked together to provide aid to an injured motorist at the scene of an accident on Interstate 85 Sept. 2. Among the first at the scene, they helped to control the crowd and stabalize the injured driver until paramedics arrived.

The quick work of two U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) colonels brought control to an accident scene on Interstate 85 (I-85) Sept. 2.

Col. David Abramowitz, FORSCOM inspector general, had just taken the I-85 exit for Peachtree City when he swerved far right to avoid a five-car pileup. Another car that was hit in the pileup veered far right into a culvert.

Upon seeing that the vehicle - a Ford Flex - was crushed at both ends, Abramowitz and other civilian bystanders ran to give the injured woman driving the vehicle assistance.

"She was conscious but I knew something was wrong with her," Abramowitz said. "Her airbags had not deployed but she had some blood on her forehead and her arm looked broken."

Further back in the line of cars at the scene of the accident was Col. Brian Lein, FORSCOM surgeon. Lein left his car and ran to where he saw his friend Abramowitz beginning to direct traffic and calling for an ambulance.

"As soon as he showed up he immediately checked the injured woman," said Abramowitz.

A State Farm Highway Emergency Response Operator accident vehicle had shown up by the time Lein had arrived and he took a neck collar and arm splint from the vehicle.

"Anytime you have an accident where impact is involved, you always worry about the neck," Lein said. "By the time I got to her, she wasn't breathing. I cleared her airway, which got her breathing going again. Then, I put the neck collar on and the arm splint, as well."

Officers from the Fairburn Police Department and an ambulance eventually arrived at the scene, and Lein listed his assessment of the woman's condition, recommending she be airlifted as there was no way to assess the severity of her injury.

"Even the paramedics were amazed by David's quick reaction and his ability to assess the situation," said Abramowitz.

"They said they'd never been to an accident scene that was so well controlled and the victims taken care of."

All of the responders kept thanking both colonels for their work and assistance, said Lein.

"I'm sure if Brian had not given the victim such quick attention, her condition might've been much worse," said Abramowitz.

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