Competitors 'TRY' something new at PARC
PILILAAU ARMY RECREATION CENTER, Hawaii - Competitors particpate in the first leg of the Pokai TRY, a 1,000 meter run, before tackling the 1,000 meter swim and 1,000 meter paddle, here, Aug, 28.

PILILAAU ARMY RECREATION CENTER, Hawaii - Excitement filled the air, as competitors in the first Pokai TRY gathered near the starting line, here, Aug. 28.

Shelly Leslie, PARC's director and Pokai TRY race organizer, gave a 15-second warning. Then, she counted down, "3-2-1-GO!," and the competitors were off.

There were three events in the Pokai TRY: 1,000-meter run, 1,000-meter swim and 1,000-meter paddle on a paddleboard. Leslie said that smaller events, like this one, give competitors a chance to build up their confidence by training and learning about the events.

"There are a lot of people who want to try a triathlon but don't know where to start, especially since the distances of the events are so lengthy and the field of competitors is usually so intimidating," Leslie said.

"That's why we named it TRY," she added. "The goal was to get people to try new things."

Waianae High School Junior ROTC cadets guided runners along the beach for the run, manned kayaks to ensure water safety during the swim and passed paddleboards to competitors for the paddle portion. PARC lifeguards and Schofield Barracks' Outdoor Recreation water safety staff encouraged and coached athletes through each leg of the event.

Although competitor's skill levels varied, people participating in the event embraced the spirit of the competition, and were supportive of one another. Many competitors even stood at the finish line after they had finished the race, to cheer on other competitors that hadn't made it in yet. In one case, a mother waited for her son on the beach, at the end of the paddle portion, so they could cross the finish line together.

Capt. Tae Rose, 303rd Ordnance Battalion, (Explosive Ordnance Disposal), 8th Theater Sustainment Command, who arrived in Hawaii in July, learned about the Pokai TRY at a Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation newcomers' orientation.

"I really thought the PARC Pokai TRY event was perfect for those looking to try new things when arriving to Hawaii," Rose said, who finished third in his division.

"It's also a great way to meet new people with similar interests," Rose added. "Not only that, it gives people who are into these types of events, a chance to push themselves to improve their personal best scores. I'm so glad I entered. Now I have memories that will last a lifetime."

The Aug. 28 event was the first of a three-part series. The next Pokai TRY event is set for Oct. 30. Call 808-696-6026 for more information.


<u>Males 35 and under</u>
Aca,!Ac1st - Zachary Taron, 19:44
Aca,!Ac2nd - Robert Plotts, 20:46
Aca,!Ac3rd - Justin Kanoho, 22:22

<u>Males 36 and over</u>
Aca,!Ac1st - Teddy Buckley, 20:39
Aca,!Ac2nd - Wayde Nakai, 21:50
Aca,!Ac3rd - Tae Rose, 30:44

<u>Females 35 and under</u>
Aca,!Ac1st - Julia Fox, 25:46
Aca,!Ac2nd - Eunhae Jones, 27:10
Aca,!Ac3rd - Bonnie Wood, 28:43

<u>Females 36 and over</u>
Aca,!Ac1st - Marybeth Williams, 26:34
Aca,!Ac2nd - Angie Baca, 27:14
Aca,!Ac3rd - Debra McNamara, 48:58

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