CAMP DARBY, Italy - A thick covering of pine needles hid the mud puddle under concertina wire surprising Soldiers and civilian U.S. Army Health Clinic Livorno employees that were going through the obstacle course at the Italian military training compound in Livorno, Italy, Aug. 12.

According to the health clinic noncommissioned officer in charge, Sgt. 1st Class Rennick Beneby, this was an excellent opportunity to increase resiliency during a team building activity.

"When faced with obstacles or seemingly insurmountable odds in life we as leaders and Soldiers must persevere and drive on; ultimately the reward of overcoming insurmountable obstacles while working as a team is the greatest reward of being a Soldier, Warrior, leader and part of a team," said Beneby. "The health clinic is always helping educate the community on how to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle and this was a chance to incorporate those ideals during our own sergeant's time training."

USAHC-Livorno members helped each other over sheer rock barriers, cheered each other on as team mates negotiated the balance challenges and pushed each other to do the best they could on the course.

"I think everybody enjoyed the opportunity to be able to get away from the normal work environment and have a little fun," said Spc. Darin Alpers, an x-ray technician.

Dr. Tamara Cox, pharmacist, added, "This was a great challenge and a great opportunity to participate with Italian friends; our hosts were generous to allow us to use their training facility."

"Coordination for this obstacle was done through the hard work and effort of Sgt. Jacqueline Smart and CMCS Giacinto Tufilli (liaison to the Italian Base Command), they both deserve the praise for coordinating such a great event that brought both American and Italian Soldiers and civilians alike together building a stronger, more resilient and cohesive team," concluded Beneby.

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