BAGHDAD -The logistics director for the Deputy Commanding General, Advising and Training officially handed over the Electrical Mechanical Engineering school responsibilities to the Iraqi Security Forces at Taji, Aug. 4.

Col. Gerhard Schroter turned over the school's curriculum, training materials and classroom facilities to EME School Commander Brig. Gen. Hassan al-Maliki.Iraqi Security Forces will hold its first Iraqi-led class in September for the Iraqi Asset Management Program.

The IAMP system allows the Iraqis to monitor and report the procurement, maintenance, distribution, and replacement of materiel for the Iraqi Army electronically.

Before 2003, the Iraqis used a manual system - writing down spare parts in a ledger, said Lt. Col. Imad Hassan, the school's executive officer. "Now we are improving one step at a time," said Hassan, when asked about the Iraqi Security Forces' logistical management system modernization.

Hassan said that previously Iraqi security forces would submit a parts request to the Ministry of Defense in writing and wait for MoD to solicit individual countries to fulfill the request. Now, with the IAMP system in place, the ISF can submit requests directly, cutting down on the time it takes to get spare parts.

"This is important," Hassan said "We are training 15 more units to use this system. All Iraqi officers understand how important it is to know what kind of equipment we have, what we need and what we've requested in the past."

Mustafa Kareem and Kasem Hassan attended their first U.S.-run IAMP class in June 2009. They observed the next class and then co-taught the third and fourth classes. Next month, they will be ready to instruct on their own, said Jason Foster, training lead for IAMP Architecture, Engineering, Communications, Operations, and Management in Taji.

The school's fifth class starts Sept. 18

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