BAGHDAD - Twenty one Iraqi police officers graduated from a joint Iraqi, Danish and United States Forces-Iraq sponsored human rights and ethics train-the-trainer course at the Technical Qualifications Institute's Baghdad Police College campus Aug. 12.

Participants in the four-week course learned teaching methodologies: how to create lesson plans, conduct practical exercises and case studies, as well as education organization skills.

Officers from around the country will apply these training skills when teaching human rights and ethics subjects such as regulations for arresting officers, principles of police work and domestic violence to police trainers who will then pass on this training to police departments throughout the country.

"We didn't have human rights training before 2003," said Ethics and Human Rights Center Director Brig. Gen. Nasir Salih Ibrahim, "Today Iraq is a new country. Our job now is to maintain human rights."

The train-the-trainer program has strongly impacted everyday citizens, Nasir said. "Most stations are close to neighborhoods - people know these police officers will treat them with respect and that creates trust, which is crucial."

The three-year program has been very successful, noted course director Mahmoud Masri, director general, Tatweer Center. Future plans include sharing the knowledge with other directorates

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