LandWarNet 2010
Lt. Gen. William T. Lord, the Air Force's chief of Warfighting Integration and chief information officer, addresses attendees at the 2010 LandWarNet Conference closing ceremony, Aug. 5, in Tampa, Fla. This year’s LandWarNet theme, “Providing Global Cyber Dominance to Joint/Combined Commanders,” was aimed at ensuring the cyber community if fully prepared to operate in today’s cyber environment.

<i><b>Aca,!EoeWire power is fire powerAca,!a,,c</b></i>

The United States ArmyAca,!a,,cs premiere information technology/cyberspace operations showcase, LandWarNet 2010, came to a close Thursday in Tampa, Fla., with an address from the Air ForceAca,!a,,cs Chief of Warfighting Integration and Chief Information Officer, Lt. Gen. William T. Lord.

Aca,!A"Securing the network is about mission assurance, not information assurance,Aca,!A? said Lord to a packed crowd at the LandWarNet closing ceremony and awards luncheon. Aca,!A"We operate in a dynamic tension of wanting to secure the network yet wanting it to be ubiquitous.Aca,!A?

Coining the phrase, Aca,!A"Wire power is fire power,Aca,!A? Lord stressed the importance of cyber operations to the combined team stating, Aca,!A"Without our cyber forces, we wouldnAca,!a,,ct have the synergy of our combined arms team.Aca,!A?

This yearAca,!a,,cs LandWarNet conference was the most successful and most attended conference since its beginning several years ago, said Kent Schneider, president and CEO of AFCEA International. The conference attendance grew more 20 percent compared to last yearAca,!a,,cs conference making it the second largest conference AFCEA holds during the year.

The LandWarNet conference is a dual-sponsored conference made possible through the joint effort of the Army Chief Information Officer/G-6 and the International Headquarters of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association. More than 8,900 people from government, industry, and commercial and military exhibitors registered for this yearAca,!a,,cs conference.

This yearAca,!a,,cs LandWarNet theme, Aca,!A"Providing Global Cyber Dominance to Joint/Combined Commanders,Aca,!A? was aimed at ensuring the cyber community is fully prepared to operate in todayAca,!a,,cs cyber environment, said Lt. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sorenson, Army CIO/G6.

Throughout the conference, attendees discussed a variety of associated critical topics, such as network transformation and integrating future network systems, information assurance, enabling joint expeditionary operations and strengthening cyberspace operations.

This yearAca,!a,,cs conference focused on the latest technologies and concepts for communications, electronics and information management providing a venue for highlighting both national, regional, and international security and commercial development of technological issues.

The conference, which had more than 300 commercial and military exhibits, concluded with an awards ceremony featuring awards for Aca,!A"Apps for the ArmyAca,!A? winners, the Network Enterprise Center awards, the Network Operations and Security Center awards, and 9th Signal Command (Army) Noncommissioned Officer, Soldier, and Civilian of the Year recognition.

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