FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- Parking and traffic rules apply to everyone living, working or visiting the installation, post officials said.

With the annual Fort Rucker Job Fair happening Aug. 10 at The Landing, parking and traffic on post might be more hectic for a short time, said Maj. Jay Massey, deputy provost marshal.

"We want everyone visiting the post to know the same laws apply here as they do everywhere else in the state," Massey said. "Last year, we had an issue with people parking on the parade field. This year there will be cones marking it off and we're placing (military police officers) in designated areas to help with parking."

Massey added there are specific places to park for people attending the job fair. Main parking for the event is directly across from The Landing on Novosel Street. Additional parking is available in The Landing parking lot, but it is limited. Additional overflow parking is available on Shamrock Street, behind Bldg. 101, near The Landing.

"Those visiting post, and anyone else, should remember not to park in spaces that are marked for specific people," Massey said. "MPs or community police will write citations to anyone who parks in a pre-designated spot without proper authority. If you don't fit the title painted on the curb or in the spot, don't park there."

Driving safely on post is another concern for officials during the job fair and year-round, Massey added.

"School is starting very soon and motorists need to be even more aware of their surroundings," Massey said. "The same traffic rules someone would follow off post are the rules they should follow here."

Massey added talking on cell phones while driving is prohibited on post, unless the driver is using a hands-free device. Speakerphones are not classified as hands-free, but Bluetooth, wireless and wired headsets are allowed.

Seatbelts must be worn at all times while driving or riding and drivers must stop for pedestrians crossing at designated areas, Massey said. Speed limits are also strictly enforced on post by both MPs and community police.

Those choosing to ride motorcycles are required to wear correct protective equipment while driving on post, he added.

Motorists who violate traffic laws on post could face penalties, including loss of driving privileges, according to Fort Rucker regulation 190-5. Persons who accumulate more than 12 points while driving on post in a 12-month period could have their driving privileges suspended for up to six months.

Community police patrol the areas around schools and residential housing using motor vehicles and bicycles. Drivers and pedestrians are encouraged to use extra caution in these areas, Peggy Contreras, community police director, said.

"There is no through traffic in the residential areas. It's for residents only," she said. "That's for the safety of the residents and drivers, especially (children)."

Contreras added school zones also have extra patrols during the mornings and afternoons when schools are opening and closing.

"The officers will be at the intersections twice a day and they preempt the lights," she said. "Whatever the officer says to do, that's what the drivers are expected to do."

All traffic is supposed to stop for school buses when children are loading or unloading, Contreras said. Failure to follow any of these can result in citations and fines.

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