IMCOM Safety Office starts awareness initiative via Web
As part of a new initiative, the IMCOM Safety Office will post accident prevention articles from across the command to Twitter and Facebook Web pages.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Installation Management Command is taking an aggressive approach to accident prevention as explained in the Command Safety Policy and the IMCOM Campaign Plan.

Safety awareness will be an integral part of this approach via accident-after-action reviews and sharing of close calls; in other words, using accidents as learning tools to minimize repeating the past. The intent is to help commanders relay the message to people who face hazards and take risks daily - Soldiers, family members and civilian employees.

Protecting IMCOM's workforce is of immediate importance to Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch, commander of IMCOM, and other leaders within the organization. Individual Soldiers, their families and employees are the first to suffer from injuries and death; however, accidents have a ripple effect down through the support and services provided to the Army community.

In one of Winston Churchill's post World War II speeches, he used a familiar quote - "Those who fail to learn from the past are condemned to repeat it" - in which he accentuates the point of not learning from our mistakes. In a perfect world of safety, the goal is to prevent accidents before they occur by engineering out hazards; putting safer procedures and systems in place; conducting training and providing personal protective equipment. But all too often, people end up repeating the past, conducting prevention efforts after an accident has occurred.

Therefore, on the IMCOM Safety page - - under the "Lessons Learned" tab, will be the source where everyone can go to read alerts based on actual accident findings.

Additionally, the IMCOM safety office will post accident prevention articles from across the command to Twitter and Facebook Web pages. Such actions will enable all levels of the Installation Management Community workforce to learn from what are often preventable incidents, and hopefully increasing situational awareness both on and off duty.

Supporting Soldiers, their families and civilian employees is job one for the Installation Management Community. Providing a safe work environment, while educating the workforce on safe work practices, is a must-do responsibility for all members of our organization, ensuring the Installation Management Community continues to provide excellent services for our warfighters.

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