Summer to remember
Abby Dayton U.S. Army Garrison Public Affairs Office

For as long as I can remember, the Army has been a part of my life.

I grew up hearing stories of places my father had been or missions he was a part of.

I had the privilege of him landing a helicopter on the field of my elementary school for all the students to see.

I have experienced the anguish of watching my father deploy to Iraq, only to return a stronger man.

However, although the Army has had such a significant impact on my life, I've always had the sense that I was viewing it from an outside perspective.

This summer, that all changed. This summer, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to intern in the U.S. Army Garrison Public Affairs Office.

I finally had the opportunity to be on the inside of the organization that has impacted my life for so many years.

Additionally, as a senior at the University of Alabama majoring in Public Relations, this experience has proved to be invaluable in more ways than one. Rather than having to hear secondhand how everything operates, I was able to personally experience the daily operations of an Army installation.

I gained a tiny glimpse into the sacrifices that are made and how hard people work to protect our country.

In the time I spent in the PAO, I had the honor of attending some very memorable events and doing some fascinating things.

I was lucky enough to attend a bill signing at the capital, attend a change of command ceremony and become a published writer.

I've been able to see aspects of what a PAO does and learned a lot along the way. For everything I was able to experience this summer, I will be forever grateful.

I will always remember the experiences this summer allowed me to enjoy and apply them to my future endeavors.

For all these things, I have the Army to thank and give it - and the men and women who serve within it - my greatest and most sincere gratitude.

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