Chaplain Maj. Scott Fluegel
Fluegel foresees a busy, productive tour of duty at JMC.

Joint Munitions Command bade welcome to a new chaplain in July when Chaplain Maj. Scott Fluegel took over the reins at Rock Island Arsenal.

At a recent meeting, Fluegel stated, "I came from the island of Oahu to the great island of Rock Island. I prefer Rock Island." Many here, who consider Hawaii a paradise, were naturally skeptical. To dispel any doubts about his statement, Fluegel later shared, "In Oahu there are only two seasons- summer and rainy. I grew up in Minnesota and I'll enjoy the four seasons here."

"The role of an Army chaplain is to nurture the living, care for the wounded, and honor the dead," Fluegel related as his work's philosophy. Specifically, his role at RIA is Chaplain for JMC and the 15 JMC installations, providing religious support and counseling.

Fluegel envisions that two of his main duties at JMC will be to provide the opportunity for Soldiers and civilians to practice their faiths, and to perform religious services according to the dictates of his faith (Baptist). He also plans to work on suicide prevention awareness and on visibility in the community. "I want to get the 'green suit' out there," Fluegel said.

Fluegel anticipates many other duties at JMC. As a trained counselor, Fluegel expects to help people with their personal issues. He will coordinate services with the Employee Assistance Program and with the Equal Employment Opportunity office.

As the chaplain for JMC, he hopes to visit each of JMC's installations within the next year. And the new chaplain said, "I expect to advise commanders if they seek out my advice," and added half-way kiddingly, "or even if they don't."

In his 33 years in the service, Fluegel served in several Guard units, has been a chaplain since 1995, and has served on active duty since 1998.

In his spare time, Fluegel is a nature photographer hoping to capture the Quad Cities' eagles, falcons and hawks on film. He is a trained commercial artist and enjoys pen and ink drawing. Fluegel cultivated orchids and other tropical plants in his yard in Oahu and anticipates growing a variety of plants in Illinois.

Fluegel foresees a busy, productive tour of duty at JMC on the island of Rock Island.

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