Army Secretary McHugh rallies with U.S. Africa Command
STUTTGART, Germany - Army Secretary John McHugh holds a roundtable discussion with various Army officers, enlisted Soldiers and civilians during his visit to U.S. Africa Command July 27, 2010.

STUTTGART, Germany - Secretary of the Army John McHugh arrived at Kelley Barracks July 27, 2010, to spend the afternoon with General William E. Ward and U.S. Africa Command staff.

His first visit with AFRICOM staff since becoming the Army's Secretary Sept. 21, 2009, McHugh learned more about the strategic views of the command during briefings and discussions with staff.

"Mr. Secretary, first, welcome to your United States Africa Command," said Ward greeting McHugh.

While visiting the command, McHugh also took the opportunity to host an awards presentation. He recognized the efforts of 11 of U.S. Africa Command's best with a ceremony where he congratulated each on their accomplishments.

A diverse group of various Army officers, enlisted Soldiers and civilians also got the opportunity to interact with the secretary during a roundtable discussion held to allow Army personnel to raise questions, make comments and get direct feedback.

"I appreciate all that you're doing and thanks for your leadership and all your contributions," Secretary McHugh told Ward and command staff.

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