Time, effort ingredients for weight loss
Pamela Greene is the fitness programmer for the Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation's Fitness Department. Visit http://fortjacksonmwr.com/fitness for more information on the Fitness department.

FORT JACKSON, SC -- If you want to get someone's attention, mention the fact that you can drop 10 pounds in 10 days and everyone is paying attention - at least for the moment.

The truth of the matter is that dropping weight takes time; that is just the "weigh" it is. The flip side to this revelation is that weight loss is a real obtainable victory when we measure out the proper ingredients.

Time is a main ingredient in weight-loss success. If you are looking for real results, they cannot be rushed.

Time lets you get to know how your body reacts to weight loss. We are all very different. We are men and women; some of us have had children, some are over 40 and the list goes on and on.

How your weight comes off is something very personal that you can recognize if you have allowed time not to be some hindrance, but a process that must occur. Typically water weight is the first to go. Next comes real pounds of body fat. The time span from water excess to actual body fat can vary from days to more days to weeks.

However, if you have embraced the fact that this will take time; then you might notice some jewels along the way like: feeling better, sleeping better, breathing better, having more space in your clothing; all these precious nuggets are a result of spending the time necessary because that's the way it is.

Next, you will need a healthy serving of effort. That goes great with time. Getting up and getting physical with that body can be challenging. Who wants to exercise after a long day' Your body does, that's who. Your body has helped you all day and has been the machine you needed it to be. It picked up the children, cooked, worked eight hours and more. Now, it needs this exercise so that it can take care of things for you tomorrow.

The effort you put forth to drag yourself to the gym pays off big time by giving you an energy rush you just knew didn't exist. That tired body that you pulled into the gym has somehow become vibrant and full of life. The effort is instantly rewarded. When you give the effort to something; it gives you something back. It won't leave you hanging wondering if you have made the right choice.

Effort has this built-in guarantee that if you try...it will respond. Just think of all the areas of your life where you put forth the effort and benefited from it. Effort is a key ingredient to weight loss. It is the unspoken promise that the scale will go down if you put forth the effort because that's the way it is.

Finally, by putting time and effort together you learn you need only these two ingredients to yield big success.

Weight loss is not some complicated monster that cannot be controlled. Our choices make weight loss challenging.

Living in denial makes weight loss challenging. Believing in quick fixes makes weight loss challenging. Putting in time and effort make weight loss successful; that's just the way it is.

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