Fort Lee motorcycle safety
A motorcyclist negotiates a motorcycle safety course during a recent safety awareness campaign. Safety Office personnel at Fort Lee are stressing motorcycle safety after three recent motorcycle accidents involving Soldiers from their installation in the hopes that it will make an impact on all Fort Lee personnel.

FORT LEE, Va. - In the wake of three recent motorcycle accidents involving Fort Lee Soldiers, the Installation Safety Office is reinforcing its efforts to promote rider safety.

The Privately Owned Motorcycle Safety Awareness Campaign is meant to spread awareness to Fort Lee members and their Families.

"We are having an aggressive safety awareness campaign in the hopes that it will make an impact on all Fort Lee personnel on how unsafe driving decisions, whether driving a motorcycle or an automobile, can instantly change your life and possibly cause permanent injury or even death," said Jimmie Faye Lundie, director of safety.

Across the Army, motorcycle safety is something that should be high on anyone's list.

"With the increasing number of Soldiers riding motorcycles, the Army has seen a dramatic increase in the number of motorcycle accidents and fatalities," she said. "Historically, riders between the ages of 18 and 25 years are the Army's 'at risk' population. However, over the past several years, we've seen an increase in the "at risk age group" up to 30-35 year-old range."

A reason for the renewed attention to motorcycle safety is due to recent accidents involving riders.

"Unfortunately, Fort Lee had three Soldiers involved in motorcycle accidents last week," said Lundie. "(The accidents and the causes) are still under investigation."

The Safety Office is urging leaders and supervisors to get involved with their troops and co-workers by identifying all motorcycle riders, ensuring they have a Motorcycle Safety Foundation card (required to ride on post) and including motorcycle safety topics in daily briefs.

"Units can support this campaign by establishing a unit motorcycle mentorship program if they do not already have one," said Lundie.

For those interested in a MSF-sponsored class, the Fort Lee Safety offers basic and experienced rider courses.

Basic Rider Courses are set for July 20-21, Aug. 3-4, Aug. 31 - Sept. 1 and Sept. 14-15. Experienced Rider Courses are set for July 27 and Aug. 24.

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