FORT JACKSON, SC -- Next week, Fort Jackson will say "good-bye" to a voice that has greeted its telephone voice mail users for the past 16 years.

Starting July 23, Fort Jackson will ditch its old Meridian Mail system for a new state-of-the art system, called Call Pilot. The Meridian Mail system has been in use since 1994.

"It is exciting to be getting a new voice mail system, but some people may be apprehensive about yet another change," said Barbara Kelly, acting chief of plans at the Fort Jackson Network Enterprise Center.

Last month, Fort Jackson's on post telephone dialing system changed from a four-digit to a seven-digit system.

"However," Kelly said, "this change will be very user friendly. Users can't use their phone number as their password anymore, but everything else is unchanged."

The new system's access number, 751-6245 - or 751-MAIL - and all of the basic commands (for example, press "2" to play a message; press "76" to delete a message) will remain the same, Kelly said. Once Call Pilot is activated, all of the current user mailboxes, passwords and saved messages will be automatically transferred.

The NEC will also send notices reminding users of change. Users who are currently using their telephone number as their password will need to change that to a random seven-digit number by close of business July 22.

The installation of the Call Pilot voice mail system is part of the comprehensive upgrade of the Fort Jackson voice network being implemented under the Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program.

Kathy Hayes, Fort Jackson NEC's chief of Business and Plans Division, said the voice mail system change is among those aimed at improving post communications overall.

"We're making incremental changes in our voice and data networks that will improve the quality and reliability of communication services for our partners in excellence at Fort Jackson," Hayes said. "We are actively implementing Army standards, bringing Fort Jackson into compliance with system accreditations, and establishing a state-of-the-art platform for future communications technologies."

Those who have problems with the new system should report that by dialing "15" - the telephone trouble number, Kelly said.

More to know:
A-A A+- Voice mail users must change their password to a random seven-digit number (not the phone number) by close of business July 22.
A-A A+- To change your password: Log in to your voice mail box; press 84; follow the verbal commands; they will require you to enter a new seven-digit number followed by the # key. You will also have to validate your identity by inputting your old password - don't forget to press the # key at the end of the password; the system will tell you when you have successfully changed your password.
A-A A+- The voice mail access number for Call Pilot remains the same (751-6245).
A-A A+- The basic voice mail commands for Call Pilot remain the same.

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