Gen. Martin E. Dempsey ACPME
Gen. Martin E. Dempsey takes a look at the Army profession. What implications does it have on skills, ethics, conduct, among others? He wants to hear from you -- copy and paste this URL ( into your browser and enter the conversation.

After almost a decade of war and in an era of persistent conflict, I think itAca,!a,,cs important that we take some time to be introspective and think about what it means to be a part of a profession. As someone reminded me recently, Aca,!A"youAca,!a,,cre not a profession just because you say you are a profession.Aca,!A?

Some aspects to keep in mind as we think about what it means to be a profession include among other things Aca,!" the special skills and expertise, the ethics that define our behaviors, a commitment to continued education and development, self-regulation, and in our particular case, subordination to civilian authority.

To serve as a initial catalyst for a discussion, I have posted an interview that I recently conducted with the Army Center of Excellence for the Professional Military Ethic who are profiling a number of Army leaders on Aca,!A"The Army ProfessionAca,!A?. By sharing this dialog with you, I hope to expand awareness and initiate a substantive dialogue on this important subject. I welcome you to view my interview at: <a href="'v=Qa425Q8zKiI" target="_blank">'v=Qa425Q8zKiI</a> and encourage you to provide comments.

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