The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is part of the Army's commitment through its Army Family Covenant (AFC) to improve the quality-of-life for Soldiers and Family Members. Here in Monterey, we are fortunate to have Angela Lambert as our EFMP Manager looking out for our Service Members and Family Members with exceptional needs.

Whether you have just arrived or you have been here for a while, if your family has a member with either special educational or medical needs, please take the time to contact Ms. Lambert so she can provide you with information on how the EFMP can support you. Although there are minor differences among the Services in how they administer EFMP, I promise that Angela will assist you in finding the resources needed to make the transition easier for you and your Family. She serves as a gateway for Service Members and Families of all four Services to gain access to:
Aca,!Ac General EFMP information
Aca,!Ac Resource Library
Aca,!Ac Parent Rights & Responsibilities
Aca,!Ac Community Programs
Aca,!Ac Information on Disability Benefits
Aca,!Ac Planning for the future

The EFMP Manager has an open door policy and is happy to take time to meet with Families to address individual needs. Please seek out her out for information for all questions concerning exceptional family member needs. A few topics include assistance in locating:
Aca,!Ac Local dentists who serve children with special needs
Aca,!Ac Child care services
Aca,!Ac Early intervention services
Aca,!Ac Medical equipment suppliers

When meeting with Angela, bring any documentation that relates to the special needs of your Family Member. She will be ready to serve you with an extensive resource and referral guide based on your personal situation.

The EFMP Manager can help as you consider requesting an evaluation for a child who is struggling in school for one reason or another, no matter if it is your first Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting or a request for an update. This can be a challenging time as you try to navigate through the Federal, State & local laws and policies. She can provide you with sample letters to school officials, prepare you for what to expect from the process, and assist you in maintaining thorough and usable records. She will also introduce you to a School Liaison Officer serving either the Presidio of Monterey/OMC or La Mesa Elementary School. You will receive information on your rights and responsibilities and also on preparing you to be your child's best advocate. Since the IEP process can be challenging at times, Angela can attend meetings with you to take notes and provide support as needed.

Conversely, as you prepare to leave Presidio of Monterey, she can aid in that transition as well by contacting your gaining installation to make arrangements for EFMP services on the other end, allowing for continuity of care. She will also help to ensure that your home records are complete and ready for the move; providing you with a checklist and copies of needed documents.

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