FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz. -- Effective now, Fort HuachucaAca,!a,,cs initial Network Enterprise Center Help Desk calls for information technology support are migrated to the Army Enterprise Service Desk. The AESD will provide a single point of contact for Information Technology service requests, incidents, problems and changes in support of the Army Global Network Enterprise Construct, throughout the continental United States.

The move will provide a single point of contact for IT services, Army wide, according to Linda Levesque Sedillos, chief, Desktop and System Support Division NEC, Fort Huachuca. It will be an efficiency that should streamline help desk support to IT users Army wide.

Aca,!A"AESD will be the first responder for IT problem reporting and Tier 1 resolution for the installationAca,!a,,cs IT issues,Aca,!A? Sedillos said. Aca,!A"Instead of calling the 3-1111 helpdesk number, people will call a centralized service desk to resolve issues.Aca,!A?

Users should begin calling the AESD tomorrow, 1-866-335-ARMY (866-335-2769).
Through Aug. 9, customers who call 533-1111 will hear an announcement that they are being forwarded to the AESD, Sedillos stated, adding the call will be then redirected.

Beginning Aug. 9, the 533-1111 number will no longer be in service.

The AESD has the mission of answering a userAca,!a,,cs call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If an AESD agent cannot solve the problem within 10 minutes, the AESD technician initiates a Remedy Incident, and assigns it to the Fort Huachuca NEC to begin the resolution process the next duty day. The nature and complexity of the problem will determine where the problem is directed, Sedillos explained.

Aca,!A"Basically, the only thing that will change [for users Army wide] is that the NEC will no longer handle initial calls,Aca,!A? Sedillos said, noting this means users will get faster service from IT specialists here, should they have a problem that canAca,!a,,ct be fixed through the AESD. She explains this is because Fort HuachucaAca,!a,,cs technicians wonAca,!a,,ct be tied up answering initial IT help requests and initiating Remedy Incidents. This will free up technicians here from having to disrupt service to one customer to answer anotherAca,!a,,cs initial telephone call.

Aca,!A"Fort Huachuca customers will still receive all IT services provided by the NEC except for making the initial help call to the NEC here,Aca,!A? she explained.

Aca,!A"IAca,!a,,cm very excited about it,Aca,!A? Sedillos stated, when asked how she felt about the program. Aca,!A"ItAca,!a,,cs a great program; weAca,!a,,cve been planning this migration since March.Aca,!A?

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