FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- Col. Anthony Krogh burned up the dance floor with his partner and dance teacher Marta Trevathan at the inaugural "Dancing with the Stars Dothan Style" June 26 at Covenant United Methodist Church in Dothan.

The charity event, organized by the Dothan-Houston County Substance Abuse Partnership, raised $13,000 to promote awareness of substance abuse issues through education and public service.

Krogh, director of simulation here, and Trevathan worked on their chosen dance number, a rumba, for three months prior to the show, he said. Some scheduling conflicts made regular practice schedules difficult, but he managed to find help at home.

"My wife, Kim, really encouraged me to do this because it was such a good cause," he said. "Marta taught her the dance steps as well so she could be my training partner at home since my work schedule is so hectic."

Krogh's dance experience was limited before he began working with Trevathan. He and Kim took a ballroom dancing course as an anniversary gift to one another, he added.

"Latin dancing is so much different from ballroom dancing," he said. "I've been training for so many years to march and with this dance I had to learn to move my hips a lot."

Despite having little experience, Trevathan portrayed Krogh as an exemplary student and partner.

"He dedicated the time and resources he needed to make it work," she said. "I'm proud of him and his wife for all the hard work they've done."

Trevathan said she has been dancing since she was a girl and taught dancing all over the world at various military installations including Fort Rucker. She also served as the event's professional facilitator and coordinator.

Jeffery Biggs, community outreach coordinator for the Dothan-Houston County Substance Abuse Partnership, said having Krogh in the competition was an "amazing experience."

"A lot of people tend to forget how important Fort Rucker is to the community," Biggs said. "(Krogh) is a great role model and a great example for the community. We hope this partnership with our organization is something that will continue."

Even though Krogh and Trevathan didn't win the overall competition, they scored double-9s from the judges. Krogh said the time and effort put into learning the dance was all worth it once the show started.

"I was a little nervous and I did forget a couple of steps, but it was a great time and a lot of fun," he said.

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