Let's start with an introduction
Col. James J. Love is the commander of U.S. Army Garrison-Fort Jackson.

FORT JACKSON, SC -- As your new garrison commander, I would like to take a few minutes to introduce myself and convey to you how I see our mission and role in supporting the Soldiers, families and civilians that encompass this great community.

Up front, my family and I thank everyone in the community for a warm and friendly welcome. We have been absolutely overwhelmed with the genuine hospitality and generosity from everyone in the community.

In our short time here, we have seen up-close what a tight knit and special community we have here at Fort Jackson. In the coming weeks and months, we will become even more involved in the community - both on and off post. It is our hope that we can be as good an ambassador as those who have helped us integrate into this community.

I see our mission here as relatively simple; support the mission and our partners in excellence while taking care of the great Soldiers, civilians and families who call Fort Jackson home. Toward that end, the garrison team remains fully committed to ensuring that all of us are successful. I am committed to continuing to develop our garrison team into an improved customer-focused support organization above, and beyond the high standards we have currently established.

It is also clear to me that we have embraced a performance-based management culture and Fort Jackson leads the Army in Customer Management Support. I would ask that you continue to provide us important feedback through the Interactive Customer Evaluation, Community FIRST/AFAP and Customer Service Assessments. This feedback enables the garrison to focus on specific actions aimed at improving customers' experiences of post services.

I remain fully committed to equipping the garrison team - those employees who serve the community each and every day - with the competencies, skills and enabling capabilities needed to provide extraordinary support to our customers now and in the future.

In my brief time here, I have had a chance to witness an incredible amount of new construction, renovation and refurbishment - all designed to improve the living and working environment and conditions here at Fort Jackson.

Yes, much more needs to be done, but I am confident that we have a solid plan and adequate funding in place to maintain the pace and continue to improve our services. I also have had a chance to experience just a few of the services provided by our Family Morale, Welfare and Recreation folks. I encourage you to get out and enjoy the diverse activities.

I am humbled, proud and grateful that the Army has given me and my family the opportunity to serve the Army and Soldiers at this impressive post. I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can in community meetings, town halls and interaction.

Thanks again for the warm welcome.

Support, sustain and defend!

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