FORT HOOD, Texas -"First Team" Families from Comanche Housing Areas I and II spread out blankets and set up lawn chairs in the back of Comanche II's Community Life Building for a movie night, compliments of Fort Hood's United Service Organizations and Comanche Community Life Center.

Billed as "Movie on the Lawn with Dad," residents were invited to spend an evening together; relaxing and enjoying free food, snacks, drinks and entertainment according to Regina Smith, the assistant community manager, for CHA I and II.

"Events like this allow members of our community an opportunity to stop by and enjoy our hospitality without opening their wallets," she said.

Spc. Jonathon Hughes, an infantryman assigned 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, said the event was a nice way to start off the weekend with his family.

"It's nice to know there are family-oriented events being held on Fort Hood instead of going out drinking with my friends," Hughes said.

USO organizers set up an inflatable 20-by-20-foot movie screen and four speakers, while volunteers from CCLC painted designs on children's faces.

"Soldiers know a lot about services offered by the USO, but family members aren't as aware," said Deanna Sump, a manager with the USO.

Sump also said that events like this build curiosity about the USO among residents.

"We are always looking for volunteers. Some of the best volunteers are spouses of deployed Soldiers," she said.

Staff Sgt James Doyle, a senior scout with 3rd BCT, 1st Cav. Div., said the event brings the community together and gives them something to do that's free of charge.

"A great example-for an E-4 with two or more kids trying to do a night out can be expensive; we provide a similar service that free. A lot of them will be happy to spend a night out with their family," he said.

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