CAMP ARIFJAN , Kuwait - Leaders must lead with passion, not obsession, and they must exhibit that passion to their subordinates in their everyday life. Seldom in our lives do we come across an individual who truly makes a lasting impression on everyone he meets. What is it that sets this person apart from so many others that we interact with on a daily basis' Usually there is not just one definitive attribute but rather a compilation of traits uniquely combined that defines this person as being truly special. Capt. Daniel S. Brown, a native of Tampa Fla., and Battle Captain of the 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, is a prime example of a leader with passion.

Scoring 402 on his physical fitness test, winning the majority of the road races he competes in here, and keeping his mind and body as sound as it can possibly be, isn't an easy task for the 53rd IBCT Battle Captain.
Brown wakes up before sunrise every morning to meet with workout partner, Master Sgt. Paul McGarr, 53rd IBCT Operations, noncommissioned officer in charge.

"Capt. Brown has a great work ethic," said McGarr. "No matter how he feels he always gives 100 percent. His exceptional character and drive is what motivates me to push myself."

Brown sets his standards high and strives to compete in as many athletic events as he can to stay in shape and to test his body to see what his limitations are. He says he likes to change his routine, and try a multitude of different events. So far he has participated in the Bataan Death March, 72-hour marathon, shoulder/ bench press contest, push up/ sit up crunch club, and is a member of the 53rd IBCT basketball team.

"My goal is to leave here in better shape than when I got here," said Brown. "If I don't win at something, I still benefit because I start to train harder and change my routine so I can continue to improve. I am not afraid to fail at something which I believe benefits me in the long run."

Leading the way comes natural to Brown. He inspires and motivates his Soldiers to want to do their best just by watching him run or workout.

"The day I met Capt. Brown I was told he was a runner, which motivated me to give it my all," said Spc. Victor J. Febus of Tampa, Fla. "Not only was he big in a strong sense, but he was fast, which is a rare site. Whenever anyone speaks of Capt. Brown, they speak nothing but great things."

Not only does Brown's motivation and heart play into his workout ethics, it shifts over to his job and everyday life. Brown is assigned as Battle Captain for the deployment, where he tracks all of the missions that the 53rd IBCT is carrying out. Prior to this assignment he worked in Human Resources since he commissioned in 2005, so he did not have a lot of operations experience to draw from.

"I try to treat everything similar to how I treat running and working out. I don't want to be the guy who is a PT stud, but is technically/tactically weak," said Brown. "I am eager to learn and appreciate the challenge. I knew that I would have the opportunity to learn under great leaders such as Lt. Col. David Yaegers Jr., 53rd IBCT Operations Officer. His reputation as an extremely educated person is well known and I am excited to experience it first-hand. He is the type of person who is very knowledgeable in all functions of the staff."

According to Master Sgt. McGarr, Brown's integrity can be seen in more than just his workout. It's a part of his everyday character.

"Capt. Brown's character transitions into everything he does." said McGarr. "He doesn't have to be told to do the right thing, he just does it. Brown inspires from direct motivation and is a great guy to emulate. He sets the bar high and doesn't even know he is setting it."

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