SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. (June 25, 2010) -- Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) announced today it is addressing recent missed and cancelled household goods pickups for military servicemembers going through permanent change of station moves.

As the volume of household moves increases significantly over the summer months, servicemembers at some installations have experienced problems with missed household goods pickups. SDDC oversees the Defense Personal Property Program for the Department of Defense, and is working with military service headquarters to take care of those affected.

"Our first priority is to take care of our servicemembers," said Lt. Col Derek Oliver, SDDC's deputy chief of staff for Personal Property. "A PCS move is often a very stressful time for a servicemember. We take these issues very seriously, and have taken action to mitigate the problems and protect the rights and privileges of our servicemembers and their families."

SDDC has directed installation personal property offices to get in contact with servicemembers as early as possible to ensure they receive confirmed dates for pickup from their transportation service providers, or TSPs. Installation personal property offices will also be in early contact with TSP personnel to confirm their ability to move shipments as arranged and to allow time for rescheduling should issues arise.

"We're going through a very busy moving season for both military and civilian families. We're also working with new business relationships and processes as the Defense Personal Property System becomes our primary system. We are aware and we are taking action," Oliver said. "The servicemembers and their families' quality of life is our top priority - after all that is the whole premise behind the Defense Personal Property Program."

SDDC has spoken to representatives at installation transportation offices, senior leadership of the military services, and household goods industry associations to address shortcomings and ensure better service to servicemembers and their families.

Refused or missed pickups booked in DPS can result in some TSPs being temporarily suspended from DPS in accordance the system's business rules.

SDDC serves the Department of Defense by planning, booking, shipping and tracking cargo; conducting port operations and managing personal property moves for servicemembers, federal employees and their families.

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