Commissary produce manager wins industry recognition
PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY, Calif. - Produce department manager Juronald Williams displays his United Fresh Foundation Award plaque in front of the Ord Military Community Commissary's produce display.

PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY, Calif. - Juronald Williams, produce manager at the Ord Military Community Commissary, is a recipient of the 2010 Award of Excellence presented by the grocery industry's United Fresh Foundation.

Through its Retail Produce Manager Awards Program, the foundation presents 25 Awards of Excellence at its annual convention. This year's winners were announced April 22 in Las Vegas.

The competition for the Award of Excellence is worldwide and nominees represent major supermarket chains and grocery outlets, said Bob Landon, manager of the OMC Commissary, a Defense Commissary Agency store. Landon said Williams is this year's only DeCA employee to garner the honor.

"That's quite an accomplishment," Landon said, "because DeCA has about 300 outlets."

Williams said his nomination for the award was made by the Sacramento-based General Produce Company, which holds the contract for supplying all produce items to the OMC Commissary. He said Award of Excellence judges selected winners by analyzing each nominee's portfolio describing the nominee's accomplishments over a 12-month span.

Landon said Williams' accomplishments included community involvement in promoting healthy food choices. He said Williams coordinated commissary support for Presidio athletic events and for the Presidio's annual celebration of the military child and annual Retiree Appreciation Day.

Landon said Williams also arranged for produce to be supplied to OMC's Child Development Center and participated in quarterly orientations for Presidio newcomers that include commissary tours.

"I think the secret of success in produce-retailing is getting to know your customers," Williams said. "It's understanding the wants and needs of your customers. I want to do my part to add to the commissary's comfortable shopping environment. We have an ad special every week in my department and it's one of the ways I try to show my customers that we're thinking of them."

A native of Greenville, Fla., Williams served eight years in the U.S. Army. He has been an OMC Commissary employee since 1986.

Founded in 1998, the United Fresh Foundation is a not-for-profit organization designed to enhance the produce industry's effectiveness, develop retailers' leadership skills, advance produce safety and quality and encourage produce consumption. Its Award of Excellence is now in its sixth year.

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