CAMP DARBY, Italy- Before children can ride on spinning tea-cups or adults can race around on go-karts at the Camp Darby's Italian-American carnival June 18-27, 2010 every ride had to be inspected by personnel from the USAG Livorno Safety office, Directorate Emergency Services, Fire Section, and a DPW electrician.

"The area was inspected for safety, fire and electrical deficiencies and we confirmed that all rides are properly certified and insured," said Chiara Chelossi, USAG Livorno Safety specialist. "We made sure that rides with age and height requirements had proper signage posted in both English and Italian along with identifying rides with a history of producing accidents were singled out (i.e. bumper cars) and the operators were briefed on expected safety practices."

Chelossi added that electrical rides and booths were also checked by a DPW electrician.

"The DPW electrician took the measurement of grounding system for each ride to ensure the rides are properly grounded and all electrical boxes are equipped with GFCI protection and are separately grounded," explained Chelossi.

"The Fire Department provided fire extinguishers for all American vendors and festival tents and checked every fire extinguisher for each Italian ride to ensure that they are charged and functioning properly," said Alfredo Ercoli, Camp Darby assistant fire chief.

Fire Chief John Cupell added that the fire department is on site every night during the carnival to ensure general fire safety as well as having emergency medical technicians in conjunction with Italian first responders.

"Every evening after the carnival closes, we inspect again to ensure continued safety," said Cupell.

The ten day Camp Darby Italian-American carnival has been held since 1990, but smaller versions of the carnival have been held since 1968.

"U.S. Army Garrison Livorno consciously employs risk reduction measures to foster a safe environment, especially during the Italian-American carnival where we have our host nation guests and children who depend on us having ensured a safe environment as possible," said USAG Livorno Commander, Lt.Col. Kevin Bigelman.

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