FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- After a slow start, B Company, 1st Battalion, 145th Aviation Regiment Hedgehogs defeated 6th Military Police Detachment Guns and Hoses 16-5 in an intramural softball game June 10.

Both teams' infield players had little trouble keeping batters at bay in the first three innings, but Guns and Hoses right centerfielder Dan Nieuwenhuis managed a base hit to put his team up 3-0 in the second inning.

Hedgehogs left fielder Loren Mize didn't let that stand and ripped a line drive to deep centerfield for a double. He was followed by left centerfielder Matt McGuffy who managed a solid base hit, sending Mize in for the run. The rally built from there as the next series of batters managed to put the Hedgehogs on top 8-3.

Guns and Hoses came back ready to play in the next inning, but without the aid of strong hitting were only able to put up two more runs.

It was all Hedgehogs from then on as the rally that began in the previous inning continued for the game's duration. The Hedgehog lineup didn't relent against the Guns and Hoses infield.

More Hedgehogs base-hits led to a 9-5 lead by the bottom of the fourth inning, but a ground-rule-double from Mize led to three more runs to end the inning 12-5 in favor of the team.

In the fifth inning, the Guns and Hoses bats came alive against Hedgehog pitcher Chester Skinner, but the Hedgehog outfield stopped the attempted rally in its tracks. One fly ball after another nearly made it out of the park, but thanks to the efforts of McGuffy and Mize, the score remained unchanged.

A failed attempt to get back on offense didn't stop Guns and Hoses from making a solid effort in the bottom of the fifth inning as the infield came alive and kept the Hedgehogs from putting any runs on the board. Solid combination throws by third baseman Donald Petersen to first baseman Daniel Martinez almost brought the Hedgehog rally to a screeching halt.

However, the Hedgehog defense proved too much for the attempted Guns and Hoses rally as the fifth inning ended scoreless for both teams.

McGuffy stepped up to the plate first for the Hedgehogs in the sixth inning and ripped a fly ball to deep right field resulting in an infield homerun. Second baseman Rick Pickell managed a double and set up right fielder Scott Chelf for the base hit that brought the score to 16-5.

Guns and Hoses took up the bats again, but showed signs of fatigue and were unable to get anything going against the Hedgehog defense.

Hedgehogs assistant coach Josh Parker attributed his team's win to consistency and teamwork.
"We always start slow, but we roll with it and just keep things moving," he said. "It's just a matter of hanging in there and playing as hard as possible."

Guns and Hoses coach Travis Sabinash was disappointed in his team but said they are far from done for this season.

"We just didn't hit the ball the way we should have," he said. "We're going to learn from our mistakes and come back stronger for the (next game)."

The win brought the Hedgehogs record to 17-2 for the season while Guns and Hoses was 7-8.

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