FORT BRAGG, N.C. - The XVIII Airborne Corps logistics assistant team is available to help relieve the stress of cleaning up and organizing a unit's arms room, supply room or motor pool.

They assist in pre-deployment inventory as well as post-deployment. The CLAT will provide one-on-one training to supply sergeants and armorers on proper procedures within Army standards and correct any deficiencies before they get out of hand.

"We are the quickest way for a commander to correct issues pertaining to logistics before the deficiencies get them into trouble," said Clarence Gilliam, CLAT team chief.

At no cost to the unit, the CLAT will train Soldiers how to correctly perform preventive maintenance checks and services to vehicles and weapons, with the ability for those Soldiers to teach others. They also perform training on driver's training, Army records information management and supply management.

CLAT also helps identify and assist a unit in resolving issues before mobilization and reconstitute procedures upon demobilization.

One hundred and twenty eight days before mobilizing, CLAT can help a commander inventory all equipment and supplies and prepares them for battle.

Once deployment is complete, the CLAT will help reorganize the unit inventory and prepare them for inspection.

If any deficiencies are discovered, CLAT will help the unit correct them without reporting to higher command.

"We know the procedures; we know where to find the regulations; we will show (the Soldiers) exactly how to do it," said David Best, CLAT armament.

CLAT promises to improve unit readiness, reduce sustainment costs, offset training shortfalls, identify systematic problems, build maintenance manager's confidence, skills and knowledge, while providing commanders with an accurate, up-to-date logistics assessment.

Each member of the team is knowledgeable of the Army regulations and standards and will get their hands dirty to help out a unit.

"Numerous units use CLAT, however many units do not know we are here to assist them on their road to and from war," Gilliam said. "We want to get the word out."

For more information about CLAT, contact Gilliam at 432-8058 or email him at

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