FORT BRAGG, N.C. - Sustainable Fort Bragg has issued a challenge to anyone associated with Fort Bragg - live a little "greener." Just a few changes to our daily habits can help save energy and reduce the consumption of resources. If helping better the world we live in isn't reward enough, they are offering prizes to people who are willing to share their journey and the challenges they face as they change their habits.

The Fort Bragg Green Living Challenge runs from Monday to June 30. The requirements are simple, make a few easy modifications to your daily living and submit a weekly journal of your experiences. Participants can choose which habits they are able to change or even capture habits they have already changed. From using non-toxic cleaning products to reusable shopping bags, everyone is able to earn points for the choices they make each day.

Journal entries will be e-mailed in a format easy for you, whether it be text in an e-mail or a Word document. Entrees can be short and sweet or very detailed. They should include what has been easiest for you to accomplish and some of the challenges you've faced while incorporating some of the new habits. Photos are always a plus. E-mail journal entries and photos to Each week, on June 11, 18, 25 and 30.

To make the contest a little easier, the Green Living Challenge has a checklist for participants to follow to redo them to pick which changes they can make. The list offers a variety of options and shows the points available for each category. Each change made should have a corresponding journal entry. If it is a change you've made before the contest began, just tell why you made the change and the difference it has made in your life since you incorporated it.

Some of the best journal entries and photos will be used on the Fort Bragg Paraglide's Facebook page each week, so contestants can share their experiences and offer advice to each other on ways to make the task easier or lessons learned. The first place winner will receive a Kenmore 25-bottle wine chiller. Everyone will be a winner in a more sustainable community.

To participate in the contest, visit to get a copy of the checklist and start changing your life.

For more information, call Melinda Harrington at 396-2019 or e-mail melinda.

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