PICATINNY ARSENAL, N.J. - Picatinny's second annual duck derby race was held here May 14, wrapping up the tail end of the 2010 Army Emergency Relief Fund campaign.

A total of 4,000 rubber ducks were dumped into the stream on the golf course, but only five were declared winners. Each duck was assigned a numbered ticket purchased by those who generously contributed to the AER cause.

The duck derby raised an impressive $17,641 according to duck derby coordinator Petrina Stack.

"The Army Emergency Relief fund does so much more than people realize," Stack said. "It helps Soldiers and their Family members not only during times of financial difficulties, but also during times of true crisis."

Stack organized the derby in 2009 and, because of the success of that event, an extra 1,000 tickets were sold this year.

Stack said she is a proud supporter of AER because it helped a family member of hers in a time of need.

"It helped my brother-in-law and his family when he was injured two years ago. He was unconscious and after three days woke up in a hospital in Germany. He had nothing except for a hospital gown. The Army Emergency Relief fund representative came to his room, gave him a calling card, credit card, homemade quilts and even purchased a plane ticket for his wife to come be with him," she said.

"They not only did this for him, but also for every Soldier at the hospital," she continued. "When he was well enough to come home, AER continued to help with money for travel expenses back and forth to rehabilitation."

Sheila Fredenberg, the AER campaign manager here, said Picatinny officials set a goal to raise $64,000 between March 1 and May 15. Though donations are still coming in, she said that goal was expected to be surpassed. A final count will take several weeks.

"The annual campaign is run not only to raise funds, but also to raise awareness of the AER benefits and programs available to Soldiers and their Families," said Tammy Mitchell, the Picatinny Army Community Service Director.

The following five derby winners will receive prizes donated by businesses in the local community:
Ticket # 0695 - Sheila Speroni - 1st prize - Vizio 47" 1080p LCD HDTV
Ticket # 2656 - Andrea Stevens - 2nd prize - Insignia 42" 1080p LCD HDTV
Ticket # 2867 - John Corsello - 3rd prize - Nintendo Wii System Combo Pack
Ticket # 1836 - Betty Lesane - 4th prize - Samsung Blu-Ray w/1080p output
Ticket # 3826 - Larry Ostuni - 5th prize - Garman Nuvi GPS Navigation 205

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