Saying farewell to a great command team
Gen. Charles C. Campbell, and wife, Dianne

FORT McPHERSON, Ga. -- Today, the Army bid a fond and grateful farewell to the command team of U.S. Army Forces Command commanding general, Gen. Charles C. Campbell, and his wife Dianne.

Since taking the reins at FORSCOM in 2007, Gen. Campbell and Dianne have worked tirelessly to serve this great nation and the Soldiers, Civilian employees and Families who have served alongside them.

They have stood as pillars of strength through the many changes that the Army has faced, and truly embody the "one team, one fight" philosophy.

Under their guidance, FORSCOM has maintained and improved upon its position as the nation's premier force provider to the combatant commanders.

On Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem, their dedication and stewardship has helped keep our installations running at full steam and has kept them resilient in the face of Base Realignment and Closure.

Through their nearly three and a half years of command, the Campbells have displayed a balanced approach to command that reflects Gen. Campbell's stated intent to "prepare, sustain, reset and transform conventional land forces."

As senior commander on our installations, Gen. Campbell's relationship with the U.S. Army Garrison has been one of leadership.

He has worked with me - and the entire garrison - to achieve the shared goal of the best care of Soldiers, Civilian employees and Families toward unit readiness.

As his primary organization to provide services and resources to customers, USAG has benefited greatly from Campbell's guidance - especially his famous "Check, Hold" method.

An experienced command team, the Campbells have a stellar record of taking care of Soldiers.

On both an organizational and personal level, they have always placed improving and supporting the lives of Soldiers under their command at the top of their goals.

Additionally, through their regular support for event's like this year's Horses for Heroes Polo match, an event which benefits the Wounded Warrior and Horses for Heroes at Chastain Park programs, they have continued to demonstrate that the Army's commitment to its most valuable resource - its Soldiers.

Gen. Campbell has also steadfastly advocated for Families. In this year's FORSCOM Army Family Action Plan conference, Campbell presided over a delegation in which quality of life issues such as Soldiers and Family members medical travel reimbursement, Exceptional Family Member Program enrollment, prescription medicine pick-ups for children 10 years-of-age and older by parents or legal guardians, tax exemptions for Department of the Army Civilians in combat zones, and emergency short-term child care were defined and sent to the Department of the Army for review.

The Campbells' support of Soldiers and Families has also extended to the civilian communities that surround us at Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem.

Through supporting and giving guidance on activities like Operation Gift, a program designed to provide children of Families in need with toys for the holiday season, the Campbells have strengthened the bonds between our installations and the local communities.

This in turn, has made it easier for everyone serving on our installations to complete their mission of keeping our nation safe.

The Campbells' legacy of service and leadership will be felt long after they have gone. We are all fortunate and honored to have served with them in this critical time in Army history.

Last year, during Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem's Patriot Day ceremony, Campbell said, "Let us remain proud of our Army. We will never forget. We will never tire. We will never falter. We will never quit."

Those are powerful words that I believe apply to the legacy of the Campbells themselves.

So on behalf of the USAG, I say, let us remain proud of the Campbells. We will never forget them.

We will never tire in our dedication to our shared principals. We will never falter in our devotion to our nation.

We will never quit trying to honor them by doing as they did - putting Soldiers first and always completing the mission. Hooah!

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