ISF aims to improve M-4 maintenance
Col. Muhammad Abd Al-Muhssan, of the 10th Field Factory Regiment, inspects an M4 Carbine during training conducted by the 64th Brigade Support Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, at Camp Mittica, Iraq, May 12, 2010.

As Iraqi Security Forces take over not only the current security of their country, but the training of those who will do so for generations after them, U.S. forces are doing all they can to prepare them to do so.

The 64th Brigade Support Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, instructed a class May 12, 2010, on supervisor-level maintenance of the M-4 5.56mm Carbine for four Iraqi soldiers assigned to the 10th Field Factory Regiment, 10th Iraqi Army Division.

The 64th BSB has been working closely with the 10th FFR to build the partnership necessary for its current advise and assist mission.

"It was great experience to be able to present some training on maintenance for the M-4 5.56mm Carbine," said Chief Warrant Officer 2 William Taylor, of Jerome, Idaho. "It is always a pleasure to have individuals that are eager to learn the information presented to them.

The first day of training consisted of reviewing the basic functions and operations of an M-4, disassembling the weapon, discussing each piece and then putting it back together.

On the second day, the Iraqi soldiers viewed a video of how the M-4 operates from the inside.

"This will enable the Soldiers to visualize what is wrong if the weapon is malfunctioning," Taylor said.

On the final day of training, the instructors took questions to ensure that the students had a full understanding of the instruction.

"With the additional training that was requested by students, I feel that the Iraqi 10th FFR will be fully capable of maintaining the M4s that they are scheduled to receive," said Taylor.

The 10th FFR are expected to perform supervisor-level maintenance on their own in the future.

"I think it was a good learning experience. It felt pretty good to have them request us to come back for refresher training as well as tasks that were not covered at this time," said Pfc. Milo Whipps, 64th BSB, from Lancaster, Ohio.

This training will help enable the 10th FFR and the 10th IA Div. to sustain its own weapon systems long after the 64th BSB mission is complete.

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