FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas - U.S. Army North hosted its inaugural Family Readiness Group May 18 as the command\'s leaders and Family members gathered around the main conference room in the historic Quadrangle. The FRG meeting provided the attendees an opportunity to introduce themselves and share information as they combined their efforts to enhance the effectiveness of the unit by ensuring an essential element of the Army North team - its Families - are kept informed and are provided an avenue to provide feedback to its command team. "This is more than mandatory meetings," said Col. Richard Francey Jr., chief of staff, Army North. "This is essential in the success of this unit. Successful units have strong FRGs, and it completes the total Army team." FRGs provide more than just information to Civilians, Family members, spouses and children; they are vital in that they provide commanders avenues to assess the state of their commands by receiving feedback directly from the Soldiers, spouses and Family members on how the unit and the post can provide the valuable resources available. "We need total support and effort from each and every Family member from this command," said Ginger Chun, Army North FRG leader. "It encourages unit and Family cohesion - not just for deployments but for any occasion." Chun said assistance is paramount to the success of the group and that there are a variety of opportunities for Family members to get involved in FRG positions. "Without more volunteers, we can't support those Families whose members has to go away to support any type of natural disaster," she explained. Francey said that although the command is not designated to deploy as a unit to either Iraq or Afghanistan, it can, on a moment's notice, be deployed anywhere in its area of operations to support any type of catastrophic event that occurs. And it is when events such as this occur, he added, the FRGs are invaluable to both the command and its Families in the support they provide. "When I was a former rear detachment commander, I couldn't have survived my command without the help and support of my unit's Family Readiness Group," said Francey. Various resources are available on post that Family members may not even realize, said Chun, who said meetings such as this are vital for sharing some of that valuable information. "This is a great way to meet new people and build great friendships," said Esther Pizano, during her first experience with a unit Family Readiness Group. Those desiring to get involved in the unit FRG or to volunteer for a position are invited to visit the U.S. Army North Virtual Family Readiness Group Web site at to register. For additional information, contact Ginger Chun, Army North FRG leader, at:

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