CSA swears in new officers
Army Chief of Staff Gen. George W. Casey Jr. swears in new officers May 21, from the 2010 class of the Georgetown Hoya ROTC Battalion. This year also marked the 40th anniversary of CaseyAca,!a,,cs own commissioning from the same ROTC battalion.

WASHINGTON (Army News Service, May 21, 2010) -- The Army's chief of staff swore in 23 new officers Friday from Georgetown University's "Hoya Battalion" of the Reserve Officer Training Corps on the 40-year anniversary of his commissioning in 1970.

The new officers were among more than 5,000 nationwide that the U.S. Army Cadet Command expects to take the oath this spring as colleges and universities graduate the class of 2010.

Gen. George W. Casey Jr., a former member of the Georgetown ROTC, spoke to the cadets before swearing them in to the Army as second lieutenants.

"You're terrific young scholars, athletes and leaders - your county needs you to be all of these," said Casey.

"You are joining an organization that is the best in the world at what it does," he said. "An organization that has been at war for nearly nine years and never lost a battle."

Casey talked about the importance of leadership and the difficult task that the cadets would soon face.

"We face a complex and difficult world ... but we will prevail," said Casey. "We will prevail because we have men and women like you who have answered the call and who are willing to lead."

"In the end it is all about leadership," he said. "It's about leaders of character and intellect. It's leadership that makes ordinary men and women do extraordinary things - that's the story of our Army today."

In their careers these cadets will face difficult challenges, Casey predicted, adding that they'll be called on to lead the country to victory in its most difficult challenge yet.

"The training you'll receive will keep you grounded," he said. "You won't fail - you'll lead."

The cadets raised their right hands and were sworn in to service repeating the oath of office after Casey.

The battalion's class of 2010 actually has a total of 32 ROTC cadets graduating from several institutions, including American University, Catholic University of America, Georgetown University and George Washington University.

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