Freedom's Thunder
Bikers thunder past the Sheridan Theater at Fort Sill in last year's Freedom's Thunder Motorcycle Rally.

Motorcycle accidents continue to be a leading cause of Soldier fatalities Armywide.

Reducing the number of accidents requires the dedicated support of every commander, leader and Soldier. The Army Traffic Safety Training Program and the Fort Sill Motorcycle Safety Program involves mandatory training, leader mentorship and the reinforcement of a Soldier's personal responsibility to be safe.

Mandatory training consists of the Basic Riders Course, Experienced Rider Course, Motorcycle Sport Bike Rider Course and Motorcycle Refresher Training.

Training can be scheduled at

The BRC is the initial training for military motorcycle riders which provides basic motorcycle skills and prepares them for licensing procedures. State licensed motorcycle riders who have passed BRC are permitted to register their motorcycles on the installation for 240 days. This is the only course civilians are required to take. Military riders have the option to take the course on a loaner motorcycle or their own bike. Those who choose to use a loaner motorcycle will have to retake the course on their personal motorcycle.

After no more than 240 days of riding experience after completing the BRC, military motorcycle riders will complete the ERC. Successful completion of the ERC will permit a rider to obtain long-term installation vehicle registration. All sport bike motorcycle riders will complete the MSRC following 12 months of riding experience. The MRT is for Soldiers who have redeployed after being gone six months or more. Riders will attend the MSRC and MRT with their own motorcycles.

Freedom's Thunder
The motorcycle riding season is here, and May 27 is the Fifth Annual Freedom's Thunder Motorcycle Safety Rally.

The objective are to save lives by informing Soldiers, civilians and family members that motorcycles can be operated safely; to reinforce safety standards and the awareness of the general public; and to provide a level of mentorship for inexperienced riders.

The 9:15-9:45 a.m. briefings are mandatory for all military motorcycle riders. It is highly encouraged that commanders allow Soldiers to participate in the rally, to the maximum extent possible. DoD civilians and contractors should also be given the flexibility to participate in this event.

DoD civilians who desire to participate in the ride will have to take annual leave. Everyone must be in compliance with the training and licensing requirements to participate in the rally. Dependents, retirees and other civilians only need to be licensed to ride a motorcycle.

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