The Apache block III development team, consisting of the U.S. Army, Boeing and Northstar Aerospace Corporation, won the American Helicopter Society's Howard Hughes Award for 2009-2010 for their work on the improved drive system with split-torque face gear technology for the Apache Block III helicopter May 12.

The AHS award committee consideration and vote was unanimous. Also, 12 rotorcraft experts from government, industry, and academia provided laudatory endorsements to the AHS Awards Committee in support of this nomination. The award was presented at the AHS Annual Forum 66 in Phoenix.

The Howard Hughes Award is given for the most significant improvement in fundamental helicopter technology brought to fruition during the preceding year. The award is intended to foster accomplishments in the basic science and technology disciplines of the vertical flight community, such as aerodynamics, dynamics, propulsion, human factors, electronics, simulation, testing and systems integration.

The award was established in 1977 by Hughes Helicopters to honor the memory of Howard Hughes and his pioneering accomplishments in aviation.

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