ROCK ISLAND, Ill. -- The Joint Munitions Command recently completed a Lean Six Sigma project to re-establish its storage baseline. The project determined the gross and net square footage available for storage at JMC storage activities to bring covered and open space management reporting into compliance with Army Regulation 740-1.

The scope of the project involved several JMC storage locations including Blue Grass Army Depot, Ky.; Crane Army Ammunition Activity, Ind.; McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, Okla.; Tooele Army Depot, Utah; Anniston Defense Munitions Center, Ala.; Hawthorne Army Depot, Nev.; Letterkenny Munitions Center, Penn.; and Red River Munitions Center, Texarkana, Texas.
The team assembled to carry out this complex project consisted of six members. Three came from JMC and three came from the Defense Ammunition Center in McAlester, Okla. Using the Lean Six-Sigma "define, measure, analyze, implement, control" or DMAIC process, the new baseline data now covers all JMC storage sites.

The research data covered above ground magazines, earth covered magazines, warehouses, X-sites, Y-sites, and approved Department of Defense Explosive Safety Board storage structures.
The project integrated a cohesive working environment, which combined several organizations, both civilian and military. Each organization provided data, input, and analyses into the customers' wants and needs. The customers' needs were further sub-divided by owner, installation, and quantities currently stored for cross leveling of ammunition items and components between the services.

According to Lean Six Sigma officials, not only was the storage baseline streamlined, but the project also yielded additional Lean Six Sigma-based improvement projects. Among the improvements was the development of a comprehensive training plan and depot process review control pilot that was shown to be easily replicated at each site.

The research data resulting from this project have been incorporated into the integrated logistics framework, included within the command assessment program review program, and the standard depot operations review as part of the installation process action and review process.

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