SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii-A handpicked number of leaders from the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, trained with certified Cross Fit professionals during a five-day, train-the-trainer program May 30-Apr. 2.
CrossFit teaches cross functional fitness which works numerous muscle groups at once to stimulate the body and produce results that a single muscle group exercise could not.
The battalion selected leaders who would remain with the unit into the next deployment to participate at the CrossFit Oahu gym in downtown Honolulu to learn cross functional fitness principles.
"We are instructing Cacti leaders on basic strength conditioning knowledge, full range of motion exercises, correct technique, and having proper body alignment. These are the fundamental concepts for successful fitness programs," explained Bryant Powers, the head coach at CrossFit Oahu and a Cacti veteran from Operation Enduring Freedom in 2004.
CrossFit Oahu designed the training to produce skilled physical fitness instructors who could generate holistic and measurable work-outs for their Soldiers in preparation for the brigade's upcoming deployment.
"We have seen that the type of training CrossFit offers prepares and trains Soldiers to identify fitness weaknesses such as improper form which prevents Soldiers from receiving well balanced physical results," said 1st Lt. Dan Long, the battalion assistant operations officer. Long said this type of fitness would help the Soldiers on their next deployment.
During the training, Soldiers learned that by using common movements such as squatting, lifting objects and shifting body weight while applying proper muscle technique the body becomes stronger and naturally more resilient according to Powers.
"The program taught me the value of proper technique versus intensity. I understand now with these new insights that using this training with other Soldiers will pay off in our upcoming deployment," said Cpl. Robert Aikanoff, a scout with the Headquarters Company.

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