SEOUL - The Special Operations Command Korea of United States Forces Korea and the Special Warfare Command of the Republic of Korea Army hosted the Combined Unconventional Warfare Task Force mission planning conference June 27-29 in Yongsan.
Attending the conference were key war planners and elite special operators coming from all seven of the ROK Special Forces Brigades, the ROK Naval Special Warfare Brigade of the ROK Navy, and the 255th Special Operations Squadron of the ROK Air Force.
American war planning experts who plan and train for crisis on the Korean peninsula came from various U.S. government and military elements to further develop emerging special operations concepts.
"The missions we prepare for in Korea involve a lot of risk," said Maj. Ian C. Rice, SOCKOR future operations office. "This conference was set up to improve the ability of U.S. special operations forces to execute complex operations with the ROK special operations forces."
With several months of intensive coordination and planning between ROK and U.S. action officers, the conference was a critical part of the continued process to improve combined command and control, interoperability, and develop innovative combined tactics, techniques and procedures to ensure the CUWTF is always prepared to defend Korea against aggression.
"This was a good way for us to share training ideas," said Maj. Song, Chul, SWC C3 planning officer. "Our efforts continue in maintaining our alliance as well as the interoperation capability."
Although the ROK and U.S. special operations forces regularly conduct combined staff and tactical training, the conference was a challenge for both forces as they discussed complex concepts concerning challenging special operations missions across two languages, cultures and military doctrines.

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