Front Row left to right: Brig. Gen. Christopher Tucker, USASAC commander; Armagon Alpan, NAMSA; Col. Gwendolyn Roland, Regional Operations director (AFRICOM, EUCOM, PACOM, SOUTHCOM) Second Row left to right: Jacqueline Williams, EUCOM/AFRICOM director; Deborah Johns, country program manager Third Row left to right: Gregg Turner, chief country program manager of EUCOM regional operation; Mike McKinnon, NAMSA foreign liaison officer; Andrew Neuschaefer, country program manager; Selina Fansler, New Cumberland country case manager

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. - On May 4-5, the U.S. Army Security Assistance Command hosted a Program Management Review for the NATO Maintenance Supply Agency.

The PMR addressed issues with cases, services and technical assistance. Attendees included Armagan Alpan, chief of the Material Management Center, Michael McKinon, foreign liaison officer for NAMSA, Jacqueline Williams, director of European and African Commands at USASAC, and Selina Fansler, country case manager for USASAC.

NAMSA fosters weapons system partnerships in which multiple countries work together to purchase weapon systems.

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