The Fort Huachuca Web page, unveiled in March, provides links to the installation's social media sites, news articles, live-streaming radio and Web sites of other organizations on post.

FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz. - Last month, Fort Huachuca, in an effort to combine all multimedia products in one easily-accessible location, unveiled the new installation Web page.

The Web page, which is edited and updated by personnel in the Garrison's Public Affairs Office, includes links to Huachuca's social media sites, current and archived news stories, radio station, videos, and Web sites of other organizations on post.

"[The Web page is] your source for all your news and information," said Ken Robinson, command information chief, Public Affairs Office. "It combines all of our products in one place, and is controlled and updated at a moment's notice, from any location."

The page, which underwent beta testing in March, maintains the integrity of the Army's homepage, and incorporates's standard design.

"We wanted to develop a Web page that would fit the needs of our different clients- Soldiers, civilians, tenant units, contractors, as well as Family members," explained Alton Dunham, public affairs assistant, who spearheaded the project.

"We think this page does just that. It's user-friendly, clean and meets all the fundamentals of Web design."

Dunham noted all Fort Huachuca Soldiers, past, present and future can use the Web page as a hub to access current news and information about their command through over 20 links located on the homepage.

"We knew we had to get the message out and had to be at the cutting-edge of the digital age. This was a cost-effective use of Army [resources] to benefit Fort Huachuca," explained Col. Timothy Faulkner, garrison commander. "It's an [inexpensive] way to have a marketable piece that is tailored to our audience."

Also, Soldiers who are stationed at Fort Huachuca but deployed elsewhere can view news about the fort through 15 article links also located on the homepage.

The Web page is also linked to hierarchy commands' Web sites, such as Installation Management Command and

One of the Web page's benefits is that other installations have access to viewing and publishing Fort Huachuca's content.

Dunham said one example of this is the All-Army Boxing story that appeared in the April 15 issue of "The Fort Huachuca Scout."

"Photos from that story were immediately posted on the Army Knowledge Online homepage," he noted.

Robinson and Dunham explain personnel in the PAO are pushing hard to disseminate Fort Huachuca's good news stories throughout the Army.

"[This option] also allows us to download content from across the Army and publish it on Fort Huachuca's Web page in order to inform the local public of news they might not hear about otherwise," Robinson added.

Faulkner says it's important to be able to display information from across the Army because some of the information is about benefits programs, such as TRICARE changes or education benefits for Soldiers.

Dunham says future plans include being able to broadcast on-air segments from Channel 97, and publishing special Web-only, or Web-exclusive, content such as audio and video links to print articles.

"Since space availability is limited for print products, additional articles that might not have been suitable for 'The Scout' can be published on the Web page," he explained.

Faulkner says the Web page is just a start to some of the knowledge management Fort Huachuca is going to implement across the board on post.

"We're striving to get us into the 21st century and more knowledge-based by pushing digital information," he added, noting, "We're just trying to keep up with what's available."

"We're trying to deliver our news in the same way as you would expect a major news corporation," Robinson noted.

To access the new Fort Huachuca Web page, go to

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